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GliderThrow Wing Incidence Tool

For using together with GliderThrow, wing incidence tool is a helpful tool to measure the incidence angle between the wing and the horizontal stabilizer.

The use is simple, first block your plane in horizontal position, then put the incidence tool both in the wing and h. stab. You can lock the tool position tighten the screws in both sides.


Once in position reset GlideThrow both sensors in the same horizontal surface and then put it in the center tool support. Remember to put the hinge position of the sensors to the plane´s nose. The magnetic side will help to keep it in position.


Now in the GliderThrow page you can verify the incidence in the "Differential" frame. The relative measures of each sensor are not relevant in this case.

GliderCG wing adapter

For using together with GliderCG, wing adapter allows you to use GliderCG with small wing chords to be able to use GliderCG without the need of buy 2 devices for using with both F5J planes and small F3K DLG wings. Just put the adapter in GliderCG wit the fixed part to the front and turn on the device.

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